Since the time when the Petrovskaya Academy was established a large scientific potential has been accumulated at the Academy, allowing the further development and improvement of both training process and fundamental research.
During its 140-year history many scientific schools have been formed at Timiryazevskaya Academy with many of them recognized as classic ones. The Academy has provided the world with the whole constellation of great scientists and outstanding personalities.

The University staff treasures the immense experiences and traditions accumulated for many years, keeps the traditions alive and further contributes to development of agricultural education and science, and fundamental and applied research in the area of agroindustrial complex.
Today, research at the University is aimed at solution of key problems related to the development of adaptive - landscape farming systems, programming of soil fertility, development of new plant cultivars and hybrids and animal breeds, ecologically clear plant husbandry and animal husbandry production, environmental protection, sustainable agriculture, and improvement of new economic relations in agroindustrial complex.
At present, there are 118 research scientists at the University including 11 Doctors of Science and 64 Candidates of Science. They are engaged in the development of new generation of agricultural technologies - ecologically safe, economically efficient, mobilizing genetic resources of plants and animals, using modern methods of biotechnology, conducting selection and stud work, and constructing adaptive - landscape farming systems of new generation.
One of the important scientific directions is the development and implementation of efficient technologies of storage and processing of agricultural produce. Scientists-economists work out the scientific principles of strategic development of agroindustrial complex, organizational and economic instruments in agrarian branch of the economy, establishing the food market, innovative processes, and efficient utilization of productive potential and social development of villages.
Lately, scientists of the University have carried out the high priority fundamental and applied research in the area of agriculture: the development of farming systems that provide soil fertility reproduction, resistance of anthropogenic landscapes to erosion processes, and high productivity of agro-ecological systems; the development of a unified basic methodology of agro-ecological land assessment, the designing of adaptive-landscape farming systems and agro-technologies; the development of effective environmental monitoring methods and processes of energy-mass-information exchange in the system of soil-plant-atmosphere.
In the area of biotechnology and genetics of crops the transgenic technologies have been developed. These technologies use such methods as marking and identification of molecular markers linked to genes for resistance to plant diseases and abiotic stresses, cloning of valuable plant genotypes and their further use in plant breeding, and new biotechnologies for production and application of natural and synthetic plant growth regulators.
New methodological approaches have been developed that provide efficient analysis, mapping, transformation and testing of plant genomes. Research of plant hormonal status and plant transgenesis is continued.
The scientists-economists have developed the concept of extension and information service, economic and management instruments to implement the agrarian policy, build-up and efficiently use the productive potential in agriculture.  
The plant-breeders of the University have developed new varieties and hybrids of winter wheat, barley, lupin, fodder beet, fodder cabbage, and turnip resistant to diseases and with high yielding capacity. The methodology of creating and utilizing resources of fruit, vegetables, ornamental plants and grapes has been developed.
Participation of University scientists in research award contests announced by Ministries and Departments, Russian Academy of Science, Russian Academy of Agricultural Science, participation in international research contests, as well as the signing of economic treaties with agrarian producers,- these all greatly promote the innovative thinking, development of business activity and acquisition of fundamental knowledge.
The necessity of innovative research conducted by the University scientists is confirmed by participation of the University scientists in five Federal scientific and technical programs of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russian Federation, Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation, Russian Fund of fundamental research, and the Committee of Science and Technology of Moscow government. The University is the head organization of the Federal target program “Integration” announced by the Ministry of Education and Science. Other participants of this program include D.N.Pryanishnikov All-Russian Institute of Agricultural Chemistry, RASHN, State Botanical Garden of Russian Academy of Science, K.A.Timiryazev Institute of Plant Physiology, All-Russian Research Institute of agricultural biotechnology of RASHN, and V.V.Dokuchaev Soil Science Research Institute of RASHN.

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