Education Faculty was organized in 1925 on the basis of higher pedagogical courses and for a long time it was considered an agro-pedagogical division of the Academy. Until 1997 the Faculty provided advanced training for lecturers of agricultural institutions of higher education.

In 1997 a new specialization – “professional training” was open and the main goal of Education Faculty has become training of future lecturers in agriculture (Economics and Management, Agronomy, Animal Husbandry) for agricultural colleges. During 80 years of its existence the Faculty trained more than 10,000 lecturers.
Faculty graduates are proficiently trained for teaching and other kinds of pedagogical activities at professional educational institutions of different level. They can also work as specialists in different branches of agroindustrial complex.         The outstanding scientists and lecturers worked at the Faculty. I.A.Kairov, and K.A.Ivanovich made a great contribution to the establishing of the Faculty and training of lecturers in agriculture. At present, experienced lecturers, Doctors of Science and Candidates of Science conduct lectures and seminars. There are three professors, more than 20 associate professors and senior lecturers among them. 
The Faculty comprises seven Chairs, including Pedagogics and Psychology, Law, Philosophy and Sociology, History, Russian Language and Culture of Speech, Foreign Languages, and Physical Education. All Chairs are equipped with modern technical means of teaching and educational visual aids. There are several auditoriums equipped with multi-media devices, which provide wide use of information technologies. Chairs of Pedagogics and Psychology, Russian Language and Culture of Speech, and Foreign Languages use computer-based tests for intermediate and final study assessments. Audio recoding devices and video films are widely used as teaching methods in foreign language training.
International cooperation with the Dutch and German universities allowed developing and implementation of new training technologies, including a module technology into a teaching process.
Training is carried out in accordance with the State Educational Standard, comprising core courses, professional disciplines, psychological and pedagogical disciplines, and a wide range of elective courses. During a five-year study students have their teaching practicum in educational institutions of different levels and summer children’s camps.
The Faculty offers postgraduate and internship programs for students to further develop their teaching skills, and continuous training for lecturers to master their pedagogical skills.

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