Faculty of Accounting and Finance is one of the new Departments of the University, since it was separated from the Faculty of Economics in 2005. Although, it has rich traditions and the Faculty’ scientific and pedagogical schools were originated as early as in 1880s. The first graduation of specialists in accounting and finance was dated the year of 1961.

Among the Great Russian scientists who laid the foundation for scientific - pedagogical schools of agricultural statistics, economic and statistics analysis, and statistical modeling of agriculture were the outstanding statistician A.F. Fortunatov, academician of the All-union Academy of Agricultural Sciences (VASHNIL) V.S. Nemchinov, and academician of VASHNIL S.S. Sergeev. Academician V.S. Nemchinov was the Head of the Chair of Statistics in 1928-1948 and the Director of the Academy in 1940-1948. Academician S.S. Sergeev was the Head of the Chair of Statistics in 1956-1989.
Accounting and audit in agriculture as an independent scientific school was formed at the Chair of Accounting. A.M. Galagan, the well-known specialist in accounting was the founder of this scientific school (1920).  The scientific methods of agricultural production cost accounting and principals of calculation were further developed in the works of I.M. Prokofjev. Professors N.G. Belov, and M.Yu. Shteiman made a great contribution to the development of theory, methodology and organization of audit in agriculture.
The scientists of the Faculty are the authors of textbooks on accounting, statistics, audit, and management accounting. These textbooks are widely used in a teaching process of Russian agrarian educational institutions.
The considerable contribution to the training of specialists and development of research on actual problems in the area of accounting, inspection, statistics, mathematics, applied information science, and finances was made by I.M. Prokofjev, A.Yu.Vazhov, E.S. Tserlevskaya, V.P. Kartushin, N.A. Fridlender, A.L. Shikov, A.V. Kazakova, S.I. Kovanov, and E.I. Kurkova.
The Faculty offers courses in the following specialties:
-Accounting, analysis and audit with specializations in accounting, analysis and audit in agriculture;
-Applied information science in economics;
-Finance and credit.

Five Chairs headed by the leading scientists are involved in a teaching process at the Faculty: Accounting and Audit, Higher Mathematics, Applied Information Science, and Statistics and Finance.
The faculty has 70 faculty members, including nine professors, three academicians of branch academies and academies of economics, and 28 associate professors. These are the well-known scientists: A.P.Zinchenko, a corresponding member of Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, professors N.G.Belov, V.S.Filimonov, L.I.Khoruzhy, D.I.Zolotarevskaya, A.A.Zemlyansky, R.V.Kostina, A.I.Pavlichev, R.N.Rastorgueva, associate professors E.V.Neiskasheva, A.E.Shibalkin, T.F.Khromova, V.M.Bochkarev, M.M.Arapova, E.D.Chaika, P.P.Nosenko, G.A.Kretova, L.V.Postnikova, and S.V.Pivarchuk.
Today, there are 900 students, more than 50 postgraduate students and one candidate for Doctoral Degree.
The training in specialty Accounting, Analysis and Audit is based on a wide use of application software for accounting, analytical and statistical analysis, as well as other various teaching aids and interactive teaching methods. These include lectures, computer lab classes, business games, and such learning activity as a role play.
Since the beginning of the 1960s more than 3,000 specialists in an area of accounting and finances, over 150 Candidate of Science and eight Doctors of Science have been trained at the Faculty.
Final qualification papers of graduates were continually distinguished with the All-Russia contest prizes. For example, the final paper of T.A.Suslova (the graduate of 2004) won the first Prize in Russia.
In 1996 two structural subdivisions were formed at the Faculty: Educational and Methodic Center on Attestation and Continuous Education of Auditors of the Ministry of Finance of Russian Federation, and Educational and Methodic Center of the Institute of Professional Accountants of Russia. Since 1996 more than 3,500 auditors and professional accountants, and over 4,000 specialists have received extended education.

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