Linguistic Educational Center “LINGVA-MAA” was open at the University in 2002. The Center provides professional linguistic training of the University students. On the successful graduation the additional qualification “Interpreter in the sphere of professional communication” is conferred.

Studied languages are English, German and French.
In 2005 the first graduates of the University who studied foreign languages for three years in Linguistic Center were conferred Diplomas of interpreters. Language training has greatly improved their chances to find good job placements.
Creation of a real verbal environment promotes the efficiency of language training process. Students attend lectures of foreign specialists, take active part in international conferences and workshops, work as booth assistants at home and international fairs, provide language support at international conferences and seminars held at the University, accompany foreign students delegations and specialists, and translate foreign scientific literature. Students have language practice during three-year training at the Linguistic Educational Center; in the end of the training they take the State Qualification Examination.
The Center’s activities are conducted with the desire to help all students to become qualified interpreters in the sphere of professional communication and benefit from the chosen program of language training.

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