The Institute of Extended Professional Education “Higher School of Management, Agro-industrial Complex” has been established to ensure the quality of training, re-training and advanced training of the University specialists.
Its activities addressed at retraining and advanced training of faculty of Higher Agricultural Institutions and colleges; at training, retraining and advanced training of specialists and managers of agro-industrial complex; and at ensuring a sociologic monitoring of agrarian education quality. Other activities include the School of Agribusiness (MBA program), higher education on the basis of vocational-technical education, and continuous education in accordance with a project “Adult Education”.

School of Agribusiness
Establishment of the School of Agribusiness was necessitated by a rapid development of agrarian business in Russia, foundation of new agro-holding corporations and a growing deficit of qualified middle and high management at this branch of economy. It has become clear with current management that basic knowledge obtained earlier at the universities was not sufficient to ensure continuous increase of business efficiency.  That is why the MBA program with specialization in Agribusiness has become the main project of the School. It provides the solid and versatile knowledge ensuring a career development of a manager and the further development of a company.
MBA program in agribusiness is a unique one and combines the industry related specialization and the experience of the best Russian business schools. The project is carried out together with the St. Petersburg International Institute of Management (IMISP), the leader in Russian business education with a fifteen-year history of being on the education market and a ten-year experience of the MBA program.
The N.I. Zheleznov Central Scientific Library
The Central Scientific Library and the Academy were founded the same year. In 1967 it was named after the first Rector of the Academy – Nikolai Ivanivich Zheleznov.
At present, it is one of the largest among Russian university libraries. For 140 years its stock has increased from 2200 volumes up to 2.6 million stock units. The range of materials is very wide and reflects all trends of development of home and world-wide knowledge both in the area of agriculture and related sciences. The University keeps the tradition of the Timiryazev Academy, the so called donation of private book collections, and the unique collection of rare editions of scientific, training literature and fictions published in the Aldov’s, Elzevirov’s and Sitin’s famous print shops in XV-XIX has been formed (incunabula, paleotypes, manuscripts, and rare books).
The periodical stock comprising the complete set of almost all agricultural journals, proceedings of head research institutions and universities of Russia published for the last two centuries is of great scientific value. Along with home periodicals there is a large stock of foreign agricultural periodicals. Moreover, the stock completeness of some foreign agricultural editions at the Library surpasses Russian largest archives.
Since 1979 the Library has been located in a building of a special design with 1000 people occupancy and 11000 square meters of total area. The Library has nine reading halls, and its annual accessions are more than 50.000 copies (4.000-5.000 editions).  
Every year the Library provides librarian services to 18.000 consumers. The complexity, reasonable and non-contradictory combination of traditional and electronic resources, and the use of innovative information technologies at the Library ensure the so-called status of a hybrid library. Cooperation with the Fund “Pushkinskaya library” helps to renew the Library stock with audio and visual media.
Traditionally, the Library conducts cultural events such as presentations of books in the “Red Parlor”, meetings of the Book Club and the Discussion Club, chamber concerts “by candle light”, book-fairs devoted to commemorative dates of writers, poets, workers of culture and scientists, varnishing of young artists, and meetings with scientists and veterans of the University.

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